Live. Laugh. Love: The Secret to Spiritual Growth and Prosperity

I have a friend who holds herself back and turns down all sorts of life experiences, even time with her kids, citing soul work as the reason. She politely declines with phrases like, “It isn’t appropriate for me at this … Continue reading

Manifest This: Five Simple Steps to Making Your Dreams Come True

When I started to manifest abundance and prosperity, it seemed too good to be true. And with good reason … it was! At least the way I thought it would to work. I thought I could just say, “I am a … Continue reading

Out With the Old Makes Room for the New

Did you feel the shift? Not only did this weekend mark the unofficial start to summer, but astrologically speaking, we also welcomed a new era of heightened spiritual consciousness. The full moon coupled with a lunar eclipse on Friday and topped … Continue reading

Let There be Light (and an End to Winter!)

Welcome to the long-awaited first day of spring! Unfortunately, here in the Midwest, temps in the single digits have us thinking more of snow shovels than garden trowels. Brrr! As I curse this tenacious snow and long to feel warm … Continue reading

The Three-Letter Word that Changed My Life

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Okay, okay, I admit it: I have a tendency to overthink things. I think … and think … and think things to death. I think so much that I find lots of reasons, lots of risks to keep me from … Continue reading

Give Love and Watch it Grow

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Valentine’s Day has a tendency to strike a cord with single people all over the world and send nervous shivers down the spines of men in relationships everywhere. I’m willing to bet a few betrothed women approach the holiday with … Continue reading

Chocolate-Covered Cherry Cupcakes

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Oh so naughty but lusciously nice: A decadent maraschino cherry filling wrapped inside a plump chocolate cupcake, topped with a rich and creamy almond buttercream frosting, and drizzled with velvety milk chocolate. Continue reading

Drunken Apple Cupcakes

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Caramel RumChata* buttercream frosting twirled atop a sweet and succulent apple spice cupcake, dripping with caramel dessert topping, and embellished with a bite-sized, apple-shaped pie crust. *Nonalcoholic instructions included. Continue reading